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Campfire Sticks were created by a loving mother to make every campfire activity cleaner, safer, and most important greener! It all started out in 1997 when our family was camping for the 4th of July in beautiful scenic Maine. We gathered together and set out on an adventure into the woods to find the perfect stick to roast a marshmallow on. Soon after we left a staff member told us it was unlawful and very harmful to the environment to cut tree branches for roasting marshmallows, we asked him what they had as an alternative.

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Campfire Sticks

We were then directed to the local market, upon arrival they only had skewers for cooking that were about 10 inches long and then slightly longer metal versions. We purchased the metal ones, then 20 minutes later, my 10 year old poked my 6 year old in the butt (kids, you got to love them though) drawing blood because of the sharp point, then my 6 year old burnt his lip on the hot metal while biting the marshmallow off the stick, which we all know is the BEST part about roasting! The last straw for us was when our youngest son who was 3, went to pick up the metal skewer and burnt his hand by grabbing the wrong side. We threw them away instantly, as most campers we spoke with also did due to these reasons and them being too short! Having a small child 10 inches from an open flame? Not safe!           

We put our heads together with the priorities of making something safe for children of all ages, cleaner then the processed metal or dirty tree branches, long enough to stay a safe distance from open flames, and most of all greener so we can preserve the beautiful outdoors we want to enjoy for generations to come!

Campfire Sticks were born! A simple, all natural white birch wood product that is safe, clean, and a by-product, which means it is all recycled wood and trees weren’t cut for the purpose of making these. All made and sourced right here in the beautiful United States for people and families of all ages!

The Marshmallow Guys
Tyler, Paul, & James​

​Fort Collins Specialty Foods was founded by three Colorado State University graduates on a mission to create the perfect s'more. With help from the university, local community, and friends and family, Stuff'n Mallows launched in the summer of 2013.

The perfect s'more eating experience requires a precise marshmallow to chocolate ratio. So with a lot of trial and error, Fort Collins Specialty Foods has perfected the chocolate infused marshmallow, allowing the chocolate to melt while the marshmallow is toasted.  With a variety of flavors, this tasty treat perfects just about any dessert, hot chocolate, and coffee creation.