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Her story

Penny stopped by our farm and few months ago to buy some plants and introduce herself.  I was so excited, as I had been wanting to reach out to her as I passed her sign outside her house daily on my way to the farm advertising bird houses.  It only took a minute of conversation and I knew I found my next 'Buy Local' partner!!!!  She and her husband are equally creative and together they are supplying our farm with their handmade seasonal gourd products and bird houses.  We love what they are making and look forward to more unique pieces as the seasons and holidays change!  Welcome to Kospia Farms!!!!

I grew up in the country and have always loved nature.  In my travels to Lancaster, PA I saw all the beautiful gourds the Amish made and decided to try my hand at making my own bird houses and holiday gourds.  Over time friends and family loved what I did and asked for them - so it became my hobby.  At first I would paint on them, but I got more involved in staining and burning, experimenting with new ideas.  I enjoy putting them on my Facebook page ‘Gourd creations by Penny’ and seeing all the comments.  People have asked me to do customized sports gourds incorporated into snowmen, which was a challenge - but they all came out very nice.!

My husband makes bird houses in his spare time over the winter.  It all started with me asking for one or two for our yard to feed our feathered friends and it has now become a hobby for him as well.  He uses reclaimed wood for the bird houses as well as scrap wood.  He has made several styles which include log cabins, wren houses, and even some that look like churches.  We both enjoy working on our individual projects together.  All of our products are locally made, as we live in Alburtis, PA.

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