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We are so excited to announce that our Life is Better Local products are moving to the next level!  We have had such a great response to our concept and have now partnered with our friends at Eric & Christopher to be the sole manufacturer and distributor for this next step.  Eric & Christopher is an amazing local company to us that we also represent in our store, selling their adorable animal pillows, totes, and more.  They fell in love with our concept of supporting local businesses, artists, and services - and are now creating unique and inspirational imagery that reflects this.  Stay tuned for new images and products as we continue to launch.  They believe in the message, we support them, and on and on it goes.  The photos to the right show the different products available with all of our images.  T-shirts, pillows, tea towels, aprons and hats.  

The new line will be sold at our store, but also through a network of other 'local' brick and mortar stores throughout the country.  This enables the message to get out to more consumers, in their own hometowns, supporting their own local.  Isn't that cool?   Where's your local?

Made by Eric and Christopher of Bucks County, PA

LIFE IS BETTER LOCAL in your backyard