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Zentro is a built-in version of the Ablaze line.  Made with the same quality and attachments, just a more personalized look.  And Zentro works with new or existing fire rings, fitting inside diameters from 33 - 44" with a retro-fit ring, or 30 - 32 1/2" without.

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Secondary air supply rises through double outer walls and exits holes inside at top of the pit.

Main air supply enters through bottom holes.

Hot oxygen enters the top of the pit through small holes, mixing with the smoke and causing it to reburn.

Ablaze fire pits are built to last.  Coated with 1,200 degree F heat-resistant paint, they can definitely take the heat.  Maximum fuel efficiency extracts every BTU out of every piece of wood, for longer burn times, too.  Finally, they're covered by a 3-Year Warranty (paint excluded).

Optional features include a heavy-duty swing away kettle winch with stainless steel cable, and adjustable, swing-away grills, griddles and rotisserie.

Styles and Options!

How it works!

There's nothing like relaxing around a wood fire pit to bring family and friends closer together.  But with ordinary fire rings, smoke always blows in someone's face -- usually yours.  Within the full line of Breeo fire pits you will find a patent-pending design technology that reburns smoke before it gets anywhere near your eyes.  Say hello to good times and good-bye to smoke!

Breeo is one of our 'buy local' partners with their manufacturing in Lancaster, PA.  They have really created a problem solver here and have provided it in multiple designs to meet your needs.  And if you like to cook, check out the add-on pieces to give you great outdoor grilling and cooking options. (see below).  Because the smokeless technology creates a second combustion point, it also creates a much hotter cooking surface area.  It's 30% hotter inside, and designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface for more consistent cooking temperatures.

Rethinking Fire


We call it Ablaze's little brother!  Built with the same cold-rolled American Steel to last 10-15 years.  This baby is portable though - and meant to travel along with you where ever you go.  How cool is that?

Luxeve proves that design and aesthetics CAN be applied to a wood fire pit, to make it a natural accent in the most luxurious of patio spaces.   A powder-coated steel third wall exterior is available in multiple colors and contrasts well with the fire pit glass around the rim.

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