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Gorgeous, stunning, inspirational...exactly what you will feel when you interact with Mosaic furniture by KNF-Neille Olson.  We were stopped in our tracks when we visited them and knew they had to be part of Kospia Farms.  KNF tables come in 42 different mosaic styles - and every design comes in every size! Side tables, dining, cafe, wine carts, and coffee tables.  Multiple powder coat finish options on all frames...and yes - they also make coordinating chairs!  You can create a fully customized and unique piece for your home...inside or out!   These are the must have pieces that will take your space to a completely different design!  

Amazing Design and Superior Engineering

A wobbly wine glass just won't do. Our hand-cut glass tiles are Smoothcast™ in a proprietary stone blend to ensure you never lose a tile, and more importantly, you never lose your wine. 


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