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Local Artisans

We have dedicated a portion of our store to provide a permanent retail opportunity for our artisan partners and in the future will work with other local businesses to spread this message within their stores and markets.  It's not limited to just the merchandise we offer, but also in our desire to work with local businesses showcasing their services at our store as well.  Our events at the farm align with local restaurants, services, musicians, etc. in order to give our customers the opportunity to see how great they really are !

The links below will take you to pages that showcase the artisans and products we carry at our store, and also to the local businesses that we support.  A great way to plan a visit to our farm and maybe stop out and support some of our friends.  

Buying local is important.  Not only does it support small business - it gives each of us a personal opportunity to connect locally, to become familiar, and to be a significant part of the success of our community.  Thank you for your support!

- Maureen & Barry

Check out our growing list of artisans and their works that are available at our store!  Come back often because it is constantly changing!

Local Businesses

We are so lucky to have such great local businesses available to us.   Please use our 'Cutty Approved' list as a great place to find things to do, places to eat, and great services!

Check out all of our 'Life is Better your backyard'  Merchandise available in our store!  Contact us if not in the area and we can ship it to you!!




Life is Better Local Merchandise

LIFE IS BETTER LOCAL  . . . in your backyard 

. . . it's all the buzz!

natural and creative living is our inspiration 

This slogan came to me while on our physical and emotional  journey creating the new Kospia Farms.  After spending many years traveling in the corporate world, life at the farm proved to be just what I needed and longed for.  Hard work, hands to the earth, and a strong relationship with our local friends, businesses,  and community.  

We became engaged in life...something that many of us unfortunately don't get the opportunity to do.  We learned a lot about our neighbors, what they needed, what they liked, and what they wanted at our farm.  The branding of 'Life is Better Local . . . in your backyard' represents our commitment to the benefits of buying from local artists and businesses.  It's how we live and we've learned it's equally important to our customers. 

Buy local - supporting our local community