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There are also accessories available which include ice buckets, vinyl covers, and additional burners and glass.  We also offer Natural Gas conversion kits and lines.  Come see our in-house collection or let us help you design your own,


Fire Glass

Base Color


Table Top

Create Your Style!

All tables include a top, burner, fire glass, bottle opener, burner stand, protective lid, and burner puller.  But the real customization comes with your selection of type of top, burner style, powder coating color, and fire glass.  Check out the following links to see your options, or stop by Kospia Farms and we will help you select the perfect propane fire pit to match your outdoor furniture.

Created by an artisan who sought to capture and share the 'essence' of fire, the unique and innovative Oriflamme Fire Table offers the original designed fire.  The Oriflamme Fire Table will be a centerpiece for conversation or contemplation in your yard or on your deck, and will surely enhance your outdoor environment and experience. Visit the showroom at Kospia Farms in Alburtis to learn more!

Uniquely Designed Fire