Owner and all-around landscape guru - Barry is often found at the farm digging trees, doing construction or maintenance, lending his expertise to our customers, or talking to the animals. If you can't find him he is either out on a job - or he found a quiet spot under a tree somewhere hiding with Cutty.  

They love their sun spots.


Maureen Kospiah


Sheila is our rock!  We literally can't survive without her and all her nursery knowledge.  And if we forget? Our loyal customers remind us.  She is called on daily by us and our customers for her expertise.  

And who doesn't love to hear that giggle?  We do - and love to get her going any chance we get!

Maureen, typically under hat - heads up the marketing and sales efforts - along with designing gorgeous outdoor living product solutions for our clients.  She brings years of corporate sales experience and her family history of art and music means she has a design opinion about everything and tries to take charge of the music stations you'll hear playing at the farm.  Always an interesting groove going on!

Sheila Ohmacht

Barry Kospiah

natural and creative living is our inspiration 

Megan Sevem

. . . it's all the buzz!

Our newest member.  

We LOVE our Megan!  She has an amazing working knowledge of plants, herbs, and vegetables.  And if she doesn't have the answer, she's the quickest with her phone to get to the bottom of it! She is also our resident chef and can be found grilling amazing food utilizing crops she's grown in our fields. Keeping us fed and keeping us smiling!

Call:  610-682-7233

2288 State St, Alburtis, PA 18011